A simple side business. Turned into Greatness


Richard started his entertainment career in Rochester NY while attending the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) pursuing a degree in Information Security and Forensics!

“yes I am fully aware thats polar opposite of what the entertainment industry is.. I promise there is a story behind this” -Richard ,Owner

While attending his freshman year of college in 2008 he saw an ad for an event DJ position and thought he would apply. Long story short, he applied, blew off the interview (cause he thought it was weird) and the owner of the company called him and he gave Richard another shot.

He quickly became one of the most requested DJ entertainers for the company and the rest is history!

Starshield Entertainment started in November 2012 and actually is named after one of his fraternities symbols the “starshield.” (After permission of course) The original logo was even modeled after this symbol. Starshield wasn’t meant to be a larger company, in fact, Rich only wanted to use the company to pay off school loans and keep is simple. However, the demand could not be kept up with and expansion was needed!

Now, in 2019 we are 20 employees deep and we do 65 events a month during our busy season!

“we focus on pure entertainment and fun keeping our eyes on the everyday party people while still being as affordable as possible” - Richard


Meet Richard

the brains, the success and the daily operator of starshield entertainment group

Rich’s background in tech and management gives him the perfect blend of OCD and oversight to insure a successful event. Training, training, training is the root of all the staff however, things that people do not think about as often such as equipment replacement, maintenance and repair is also at the for-front of his mind!

“Basically, I think to myself, would my OCD be annoyed by what is in front of me should I see it at an event im paying for? If the answer is even a maybe, we fix it” - Richard